Jun 13, 2010

What A Pretty Face

"What A Pretty Face You Have, But..."
It's always followed by some flaw that negates the "prettiness" of your face. But, you're too skinny, or you're too fat. But, you're too tall or you're too short. But, your hair is a hot mess. But, what the hell are you wearing?

Personally, If you've got such a pretty face, work that. In Hollywood terms, your face is the money shot. It's you before your personality is you. Whatever comes after the "but...", well, that all comes after [except for hygiene, be pretty, not pretty stinky]. Not to berate everything else, and definitely not berating what's happening in that pretty head of yours [be pretty, not pretty stupid], but if you're giving Good Face, well you're just a step closer to whatever is next.

What A Pretty Face is going to be solely a blog about my interests. I have a website that I started, Blast!, and it took off more than I thought. Not that I was disappointed by that, but it started to become that I was doing it more for others, than for myself. I've taken a break from that, [I might pick it back up in the fall], but What A Pretty Face will be just for me. I love make-up, hence the stress on faces, so I'll be doing a lot of tutorials. Along with the love of make-up comes the love of fashion. I'm no fashionista. I don't watch the runways like a hawk and know models by name, but I do know a little something something. I at least know how to put a good looking, non-boring outfit together. So along with the make-up jibber jabber, I'll put my two sense in about style...and maybe music. Or whatever the hell else I feel like.

Don't Forget To Give Good Face 24/7
---Audrey W.

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  1. yeah...so I kinda stalked your blog :P But I love going back to the beginning and see what it's all about...loves it.I can definitely see eye to eye with you.*Now following*


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