Nov 19, 2013


It's a battle as old as time, the one between head and heart, primarily as it concerns romantic relationships. Luckily for me, I settled that particular battle a long time ago. When it comes to matters of romance neither organs have a say. I decide on using what really matters - a calculator and a checkbook.

Ha. Just kidding guys. I wish I had the wiring to be a gold-digger. Life would be void of love but filled with things! Oh, the glorious things!

Where the real fight between head and heart happens for me is in the tricky realm of future aspirations. Simply put, what is it that I want to do with my life? What will be my verb? "Hi, I'm Audrey and I'm a _______________." SEE MORE HERE.

Oct 16, 2013


You may not know this, but after the age of 19 I started hating jeans. Mostly because around 19, I discovered that once you regularly shaved your legs, dresses were amazing to wear. Oh, the freedom! And also because grown-up jeans that fit grown-up me cost grown-up money. And I would rather wear a plethora of $15 dresses than search the far corners of the world for $85 jeans.

But, luckily for kind-of-grown-up me, these were only $19 from Old Navy and they feel awesome, thanks to 1% spandex. I've never been a fan of the Laguna Beach casual feel of light wash denim or denim with *gasp* holes.  I mean, I am from New York, and we're nothing if not fancy. So, naturally, I fancied it up with faux fur, jewels and bright ass orange lipstick. A little casual luxe on a crisp fall day, dahhhhlliing.

Old Navy Jeans F21  Striped Sweater|Mom Faux Fur Vest| J. Crew NecklaceTarget Booties | Lipstick Milani Sweet Nectar

Oct 13, 2013


I'm an overthinker, okay? I am. But when you think about it, what 20-something year old girl would say she isn't? (Only a care-free, dirty hippie, that's who!) I'm pretty fine with this once all of the the tiny details are confined to the noise in my head, but as I get older the more I notice that overthinking has turned me into an overtalker...SEE MORE HERE.

Oct 7, 2013


I really don't want to go too deep into whether or not 20somethings are just lost, wandering souls (we totes are), but I do want to share some blurbs that have helped, and are continuing to help, me make it through life alive. These blurbs of self-help have popped up on more than one occasion from various sources (friends, bosses, teachers, Tina Fey, a wise trash can sticker) so I believe them to be true...SEE MORE HERE.

Sep 26, 2013


Ah, yes, fall is here. Leaves are turning, the temperature is slowly but surely dropping and we're all practically breathing pumpkin spice flavored air. These are all autumnal truths and feel very routine, except for that this year the pumpkin spiced air I'm breathing is in North Carolina and not Georgia. I'm living in a whole new state right now, you guys! 

My job has moved me to their newest location in the heart of Charlotte, N.C. and I'm still adjusting. I feel like I'm betraying my northern roots by having two southern cities under my belt, but so far I find Charlotte to be very charming.

Since I have no relations here (my man-friend helped me move, but he'll be gone soon so I'm sad), the highlight of my day is getting dressed and oh my god, that sounds horribly sad. You know, I'm not gonna think too deep on that one before I get all up in my feelings. Let's talk clothes!

This get up was me trying to welcome a crisp fall day, but as the case goes in the good ol' south it was still 80-something degrees. I didn't mind the undesirable temperature because I got a bunch of compliments, including some kind words from the gals at the Kate Spade store, and like, duh I live for compliments. LIVE FOR THEM. I'm a needy millennial. What can I say?

Some quick details: This skirt was $5 from Goodwill and it's amazing. It was a size too big, so I used the bow that was supposed to tied at the side as a belt. Now it looks like a much trendier paper bag skirt. So clever, right? Geniuuussss! 
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse Belk  Chambray Top|Fiore Boutique Polka Dot Tights| Anthropologie Linkbloom BraceletCathy Jean Booties | Gap via Goodwill Skirt

Sep 13, 2013


I'd love to say that I'm an innovatively crafty DIY-er, but I'm not. I don't spend hours thinking of the next great DIY project. I don't spend hours is Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I can't sew and I can't paint and I'm not jumping to learn how. But, by god, what I can do is throw glitter on things!

Evident by this project, I truly believe that glitter makes all things magical. I just so happened to have a few sheets of this magical paper left over from a crafty display project for my boutique's storefront. Instead of scrapping it (umm, who throws away glitter?!) I kept it and vowed to make some more magic with it. 

After a few weeks of doubting that I would actually do something with the paper, an idea finally came to me. What if I make pretty shapes out this paper? And then, what if I put it in a pretty frame?! Framed glitter art! I didn't come up with any clever names for it. Sorry. 

I will admit, I messed up on the first try. It was going to be some kind of abstract row of glitter lined up asymmetrically. Just know, it failed. After that disappointment I settled on what I knew: bows and words. And I'd like to think that what I ended with is pretty durn cute. 

Aug 7, 2013


Finding a purse is no easy task, right ladies? It has to compliment your wardrobe (all of it) and it needs to be functional for your lifestyle, which honestly can change from day to day. But once we find it, oh once we find it, it's heaven. Then you have to decide what you're going to lug in it. All day long, you will be attached to it, and it to you. This is no small decision, or at least for me it wasn't. So, here I present to you "What's In My Purse."
After hours of searching on eBay, I settled on this baby. It doesn't have a fancy label, but that wasn't number one on my list. You see, I do not judge by the brand of the bag, but by the content of its character and this one had all of the characteristics I was looking for: a fun statement color, a structured shape, gold hardware and the extra strap. One day when I'm a real grown-up, I'll splurge on that great investment purse that'll last for years, but for right now this gem is perfect for me. 

Until I dumped all of this out onto my desk, I had no idea how much stuff I really had in my bag. Honestly speaking  though, 18-year old Audrey and Audrey now has learned a few things about packing a purse. Most of everything I have serves a real purpose. I don't just throw things in my bag for the hell of it. I have tasks to complete and what I carry reflects that. Gah, I'm such a grown up. See below for proof.

1. Agenda: Up until a week ago, I was drawing a calendar in notebook #3 to plan. It was nonsense, so I went to Target and found the cutest gold-foiled striped agenda and I am a better person for it.
2. Notebook: I use this notebook for a to-do list of everything work related. It keeps tasks separated so I don't get overwhelmed.
3. Spiral Notebook: I used this one as a catch-all, but now it's for my personal to-do lists -- my life separate from work. 
4. Pencil Case: To keep my pens from rolling around and getting caught in the crevices of the abyss that is my purse, I went to Forever 21 and got this perfect pouch.
5. Wallet: Girls just wanna have funds, am I right? It's pretty self-explanitory - I keeps my monies here! Shout out to my bestie for this birthday gift! 
6. Mints: No one wants to be caught with ghastly dragon breath, so I pop these after lunch. Minty fresh!

7. Lotion: I am not a fan of dry skin or ashiness, so whenever Bath & Body Works has a sale on their mini lotions I stock up and throw one in each of my purses. 
8. Coupons: I am no crazy coupon lady, but I hold on to a good deal when I can. Plus, if you have to eat fast-food, Capitan D's is a great alternative to a greasy burger. 
9. Tissue: You never know when things'll get messy, so I always keep some kind of napkins or tissue on hand. That, I learned from my momma.
10. Cosmetic Pouch: This Coach wristlet was gift from my boss and while it's too small to use alone, it's a great way to secure my makeup. I always keep make-up basics in case I'm running late and don't get to do my full on face at home. I can finish up on the go with these: mascara, eyeliner/shadow duo and lip-gloss. 
11. Book: If I can, I like to put the iPhone down, step away from a glowing screen and read. I keep this with me just in case I get a chance to crack it open. As of now, I only have six more chapters. Go me!