Apr 30, 2011

What She Bought: Summer Edition

 Long story short: I went shopping. I got a scholarship for my work on the school's newspaper, so I treated myself. I did go a little crazy though, so I promised myself that this would be the last of my summer prep shopping. We'll see. I did keep to a budget though and everything I bought was between .75 and 15.00. Hallelu for thrift shopping. I don't care what people say about my frugality.

This outfit, all thrifted, got me a Teen Vogue Best Dressed Reader for May 4th (it'll be up on that day), so there! I don't want to hear boo about my .75 cent shirts.
H&M Floral Romper & Menstyle Button Up
Thrifted  Fitted Navy Ribbed Button Up Dress
Thrifted Loose Silk Shirt
Thrifted Crossbody Purse & Opaque Tights | H&M Straw Hat | Jewelry As Seen
F21 Striped Dress
H&M Simple Jersey Skirt|Old Navy Sweater Blazer
Give Good Face
---Audrey W.


  1. What great deals and cute clothes! I lovvvvve your blog:) It's so fashion- foward. Now following:)


  2. .75 cents for shirt, I need to go shopping with you. Love everything you bought. The floral romper is just the cutest, & the fedora! The navy dress, hot! I would have totally bought everything you got.

    xo $ARMIN


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