Jun 27, 2011

Keep Cool & Carry On

You know that thing about having finished all my summer shopping. I lied. I've been trying to stock my closet with some essentials, you know, for the upcoming...the upcoming...I'm lying again. I don't have an upcoming anything. I just wanted to. I cant' wait to put all my outfits together. That sounds so vapid, but it really is thrilling when you find that perfect outfit equation that you just know looks good. Hey, I'm a child of the Clueless and Sex in the City generation.

I went to Atlantic Station with my gang to help them spend some money, but I ended up spending mine too. Completing my self-ascribed challenge of wearing these necklaces, I wore this number out. It's nothing particularly striking, but when it's nearly 100 degrees outside, striking is lower on my list than cool and comfortable.
Cato Gladiator Sandals|Old Navy White V-Neck Tee|F21 Tribal Dress- DIY Skirt  |? Brown Belt| Target Coral Earrings|Charming Charlie Neckalce|F21 Purse
Give Good Face
---Audrey W.


  1. love the skirt (I want it)

  2. The sunglasses look great on you, and this outfit is cute. The first couple sentences of this post sound so much like me - shopping to add pieces "just incase" and "just because".


  3. Thanks for featuring Charming Charlie in your blog!! We have added your blog to our blog mentions page on our website. It’s a page we created exclusively for showcasing Charming Charlie blog mentions!

  4. love the skirt! Im addicted to maxis at the moment and the print on yours is so pretty!

  5. Audreys are the bests right? :p I am jealous of all the people who can work the maxi skirt because I csn't, I keep telling myself its because I am not skinny and too short but you got beautiful curves and u can! so I kinda hate you :p joking xx


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