Apr 1, 2013


A wise man once said, "if you're thinkin' of being my baby, it doesn't matter if you're black or white," but what happens when you're thinking of an outfit? What if you want that outfit to be BOTH black AND white? 

And then, what if you're like me and you can't just take black and white alone? What if you want to throw some burgundy/oxblood/wine (or whatever they're calling that color) up in there? These are legitimate concerns regarding this issue.

This black and white monochromatic-ness has evaded me for the longest, mostly because when I was going through my teenage all-black-everything phase I was asked, quite often, if I only wore black because I thought it made me look skinnier. 

That old adage had nothing to do with it, though. Black made me feel grown-up and gave me an attitude boost. But I stopped wearing it because of society's rules! And, also because, you know, I really do like being a walking rainbow. 

I wore a variation of this outfit in the past week and I felt like Angelina Jolie circa Billy Bob Thornton (let us never forget the tattoo) all day long. Lucky for me, monochrome is a Spring "thing" this year, so my desire to wear black is making a timely comeback.  

*Sidenote: I am questioning my internal style clock for its desire to wear black in the middle of one of the sunniest seasons. Why internal style clock? Why?! 
F21 Sweater, Button-Up, Necklace PacSun  Leggings (shamelessly worn as pants)|Charlotte Russe Boots| eBay PurseBelk Vince Camuto Bracelet M.A.C. Lipstick, Rebel
 Let's be clear about this purse. I appreciate the aesthetic of the Celine Boston tote,but as it stands, I cannot afford one. That said, I don't find it necessary to punish myself by not having a cute purse, dammit. I found a respectable look-a-like. It looks close enough to Celine's to please me, but still is not an exact duplicate, thus, not making it a cheap knock-off. And there we have it. See my "judge me if you dare" face below. 

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