May 15, 2013


I think it's safe to start regularly shaving our legs now, isn't it ladies? I mean, as I type this, it is 84° and sunny -- I couldn't feel better.

And I'm on a roll. Yesterday was a pretty good day too, for many reasons, but mostly because it was free ice cream day at Haagen Dazs! And also because, despite a nine-hour back-breaking shift at work, I felt lovely! 

Someone tell my why these shoes are not advertised as the best god-damn shoes ever ever ever!? Okay, so these are clearly made in the likeness of Keds classics, but only cost me $6 (and to low cost manufacturing I am eternally grateful). I could buy a pair of these for every day of the week and not feel the emptiness of my wallet. 

It is in my nature to be opposed to tennis shoes, probably because it is in my nature to avoid anything slightly athletic (don't make me sweat, please). But I'd seen these styled in a very clean and classic (dare I say, preppy?) way that I'd wanted to try. 

With equal parts comfort and classic cool, it turns out that I love it. I didn't feel like a hobo, which is how I normally feel in tennis shoes. I just felt very airy, how a great Spring day should make you feel. And given the opportunity to go all the way and pair it with a swing skirt and, duh, classic stripes, well, I might as well've been playing tennis. Wait, this is what people wear to play tennis right? 
 F21 Shirt, Rings LuLu's  Skirt|Fiore Boutique Arrow Cuff| Anthropologie Linkbloom BraceletWal-Mart Shoes | Goodwill Necklace, Purse

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  1. Another cute and perfect outfit from you! I love it! <3


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