Jun 30, 2010

4th of July F's

This outfit is the perfect blend of comfort and flair for a 4th of July outing.
P.S. This comes with  a Make-Up&Hair Tutorial for this look.
Oh, Say Can You Seeeeeeee! By The Dawn's Early Liiiiiiiight!

Well, 4th of July has crept up on us, and most Americans celebrate America's independence day the same way. The Good ol' F's : Friends, Family, Food, and Fireworks. With all those promising things, who's thinking about that other F, Fashion?

I know when it comes to outdoor activities, especially in the heat, fashion is the least of my concerns. I just care about comfort and keeping cool. But, when it comes to family events or friend's parties, you might want to look a little more than just "decent".

Without looking like you came in costume, a Rockabilly twist can be pretty appropriate for for a good dose of all-American, classic patriotism.

Have some Fun with your Fourth of July Fashion. Make some Fireworks of your own.

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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