Jul 2, 2010

The Garden

I can get a little crazy when it comes to prints, especially floral print. Prints take whatever you have on from a simple to eye catching. 

Take this outfit for example. It's a basic  shirt and skirt combination. The floral print of the shirt combined with the bright color of the skirt makes it something more interesting than just a basic black top and skirt. 

Since it's summer, you have the right to wear bright, punchy colors, so this skirt is perfect. Besides the floral print of the top, the lace detailing is just a little something extra around the neckline.  You don't need to show cleavage when you have all of that working on top.

Accessorizing is always fun; the frosting on a wonderfully delicious outfit. I kept it simple: a thin gold chain, some gold snake print thong sandals and rosette stud earrings. 

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  1. Your outfit is adorable!xo



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