Jul 16, 2010

Sophomore Wishlist

I'm entering my second year of college more focused, more involved, more determined, and hopefully, more fashionable.

When in college, having to wake up early for classes (or maybe even waking up late for classes), destroy any hope of wearing a decent outfit. For me, it's jeans, a tee, a sweater and some flats, maybe flip flops if it's sunny. Not that I don't like dressing up, it's just usually the last thing I'm concerned about when I'm finishing a 5-page paper due in an hour.

Now that I'm a sophomore, the life I want to live is becoming more real. I'm realizing that in it, I want to look good. Not just "Oh, I look good", but more that what I wear is an extension of myself. It may sound superficial, but I believe it speaks volumes about a person's creativity, and since I'm going into a creative career, (Journalism, Writing and Make- Up Art), getting funky with fashion is a great start.

With that said, SHOPPING. I have yet to start, but Im making my list and checking it twice.

This little ensemble is what I call the "Urban Denim Tuxedo". It's a mix of urban city style, with a touch of hippie (accessories/hair). I used to hate the combination denim top and pant, but done like this, it's more dimensional and less cowboy. The acid wash on the jean break up the color scheme of "plain blue denim", while the blues that are there are similar enough to unify the outfit.

I really like the wedges with this outfit, but I'm sure my feet would prefer stomping around campus in the flat sandals.

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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