Sep 18, 2010

A Haute Affair

Atlanta Fashion Week - Avant Garde Night

Theary Sim's Make-Up Artist, Me, Marilynn S.
__on red carpet - F21 Dress

It came, it went, and I'm still on Cloud Nine. The opening night of Haute.lanta's Fashion Week was more than I could've wanted it to be.

Not simply because of the fashion (which I will blog about in further detail later), but also because of the people I met. They welcomed me, a lowly college blogger who was lucky enough to win a Manik Magazine contest, as if I were one of them. I felt like I belonged backstage as one of movers and shakers in Atlanta's growing fashion scene.

The models weren't stuck up. They even ate! Gasp! Albeit just carrots and crackers. I got to mingle in with some press, AtlGo2Girl, shout out! The designers were ever ready to talk to me about their collections. The photographer Darla Clarkson, courtesy of Manik, was a cool as I could hope for. Theary Sim's assistant designer (and SCAD Graduate, fancy) Paola Tapia was just as cool and even more helpful.

Then there was the designer of Youtheary Khmer, Theary Sim. How such a talented person manages to be so down-to-earth is beyond me.

I felt like everything in the universe clicked together to create one magically fashionable night, where I was a valid part of that world. Of course, I tried my hardest to come off that way.

I tried to use what charisma I had when buzzing about. I've been know to go blank and barely form sentences, but I was on my A-game. Maybe it's because I belong in this world.

Or maybe it's the Steve Maddens I had on. There's nothing like 5-inch heels to give you that extra bit of confidence.

I'll cover each of the lines that showed in later posts. Look out for
Jason Bolin
A&M Clothing
and of course, Youtheary Khmer

Here is a taste of the pictures from Youtheary Khmer on the runway- Tribal Nomad, Enjoy!

Love the intricate detail of the neck piece.

A new take on shoulder pads.
It's just enough shock for this classic fitted dress.

Closer look at the detailing. I love the fabric of the dress.

The designer with her final stunner: a feather jacket.
Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

peep the Maddens :)

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  1. Audrey, I really think this is your world. I'm so proud of you putting yourself out there like this. You go girl.



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