Oct 22, 2010

Children of Invention

 Last night I went to a movie screening of Children of Invention. It was one film out of the Independent Film Festival series happening downtown, sponsored by my college and The Arts Council.

It was a great movie, that followed an Asain-American family, supported by their single mother. I almost wanted to cry, just almost though. Afterward, there was a meet and greet with the director who was very open about discussing how the growing independent film world runs.

Aside from that, the venue downtown was gorgeous. It was very romantic and classically built building. I enjoyed my night, the complimentary petit four desserts, and the excuse to pull out my H&M booties (first wear ever!).
F21: Wrap Cardigan
Old Navy: White V-Neck
Thrifted: Long Men's Wife Beater
(creative, right? Works as a Dress!)
F21: Nylon Tights
H&M: Black Leather Booties 
F21:Pocket Watch Pendant

Give Good Face ♥
---Audrey W.

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