Oct 27, 2010

Crying Clouds

Not particularly a fan of the rain. Yes, it's supposed to be soothing and la,la,la, but when I have to trudge across campus I can't say that I find it soothing.

Despite the rain, it wasn't a cold day, so I didn't have to wrap myself up like an Eskimo. Pulled out the leather jacket son! What? I don't know why I am completely attached to that bomber, but I am. And it's unhealthy. I mean, I've tried getting away with it in 80 degree weather....lapse in judgement.

F21: Leather Bomber Jacker
Papaya: White V-Neck
Macy's: Jeggings
F21: Hat
Chinatown(NYC)- Pashmina Scarf
Shoeland: Taupe Suede Boots
F21:All Jewelry
(I love that elephant ring!)

p.s. New Visual Diary Post for today! - Boo B!+*#
Give Good Face ♥
---Audrey W.

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