Oct 18, 2010

Material Girl

My friend got the urge, at 8:15 p.m., to drive to Macy's to find a dress for her birthday. Mind you, Macy's closes at 9 p.m., and the drive takes about 15 minutes. I though we weren't going t make it, but she had hope.

We made it with enough time for her to find a party dress and for me to raid the clearance rack. Yes, clearance, gasp (I'm a fashion lover, not a be-broke-and-live-in-the-gutter-with-my clothes -to-keep-me-comfort lover).

As I was scaling the racks, I noticed the most adorably pearl and stud embellished cardigan from Madonna's daughter's fashion line, Material Girl.

Originally priced at 39.99 now down to 9.99? Yes please. I also bought a silver bow bangle to feed my unhealthy addiction to bows (to paint a picture, I have a bow tattoo). On sale for 2.00. Ow! With only about 20 minutes to spare in Macy's, I think I did pretty good.

p.s. new Visual Diary post for today ♥
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