Nov 9, 2010

Militant Warmth

Finally, I've got myself a new winter coat. After years of the same old peacoat, I've embraced a wool, double-breasted, military jacket. It's warm, it's cute and it was affordable. From a store in my local mall that I never ever go in, I found this gem for 27.99. I know! The store is usually stocked with clubbing dresses, but this coat...I must've gotten lucky. 
I love the button detailing on it. The fit is a little big, but with my layers underneath, it'll be fine. 
The same day, I also bought these baubles. I'm a ring addict. The more intricate, the better. I don't even have to describe why I loved these, just look at them. Not to mention, in total, they were only 16 dollars.

 Give Good Face ♥
---Audrey W.

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