Nov 1, 2010

Want You To Make Me Feel

I'm a tad behind....but how bloody awesome is this video. The song, eh, it's a catchy fun danceable song, but the video outshines it. 

I am a floral fanatic so it directly spoke to me. I wish she would've had this out during the summer. It makes me want to wear short floral skirts, and cropped tops. Damn her stylists! So I got to thinking: How Can I Translate This For Fall?!  So, I did just that. Here are two examples of how to make the look appropriate for when your buns are freezing.  Now you can be the only girl in the world too, even in the real world when the weather is below 75 degrees :)

Also, I did a make-up how to guide for her make-up from this video! I just loved it, so I had too. Look out for it.

This is what the completed "Only Girl In The World" Make-Up looks like. 
Give Good Face ♥
---Audrey W.

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  1. I like Rihanna in red!


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