Dec 22, 2010

Closet Nostalgia

A while ago, I did a video on some looks that I really liked for Fall. The outfits I put together ended up being some of my favorites, not just for fall, favorite period.

Now that it's chillier, I miss some of the clothes I can't wear anymore and nostalgia is kicking in. I've also had to sell some of the clothes featured in the video because, well, times are hard on a college student with grown up expenses.

If you aren't a fan of watching videos or for whatever reason haven't seen it, here are most of them. These are captured from  the video, so they are pretty blurry, but you get the gist of some outfit combos you can put together if you're lacking cold weather inspiration. 

 A good way to winterize these? Adding tights, scarves, gloves, a sturdy coat and boots. But even adding those items won't stop my lust for warmer weather and the clothes that come with it.

Give Good Face (Happy Holidays!)
---Audrey W.

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  1. Some very cute outfits!
    Love the photos too!


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