Dec 12, 2010

Savannah: Night Out

My boyfriend sucks at taking pictures.

After a day of walking around downtown, we went back to the hotel, rested and got up to do it all over again. For dinner we wanted to go to a Moroccan place, but we ended up doing Thai instead.

Raun Thai Cuisine was a great restaurant, and the service was great. I loved our waiter. He called me adorable and said he had shoes older than me. He was a great guy. We got Pad Thai and Curried Lobstertail and I could not have been happier. I'd never had Thai curry and if you haven't tried it, TRY IT! And we all know the deliciousness that is Pad Thai.
My Outfit
Bitten by SJP 
White Trenchcoat
Old Navy
Gray Carigan (under)
Nude Purse
Skinny Jeans
Magenta Long Sleeve Shirt
Bib Necklace
Steve Madden
Caryssa Platform Heels


  1. Awww loving the shoes! and that coat...where have you been hiding that :P ??!!

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