Dec 12, 2010

Savannah: Day Out

After hell and back with finals and family issues, my gentleman caller and I decided to take a weekend trip to Savannah, GA. It's supposed to be one of the best places you can go in the south, and although I live in Georgia, I'd never been. 

We stayed in a really nice hotel about 20 minutes from historic downtown and a few exits from Tybee Island, although we never made it to the beach. It was too cold for that anyway. I had a hard time packing simply because it was so chilly. 

Regardless of the weather, I still enjoyed myself. Downtown historic Savannah was so nice. It had the diversified set up of Manhattan, but still retained it's southern charm. Every style of restaurant you could want, specialty shops and even a Marc by Marc Jacobs store.
My Outfit:
Leather Bomber Jacket
American Eagle
Gray Cable Knit Sweater
Rue 21
Floral Skirt
Silver Flats (not shown)
Savannah Candy Kitchen
The biggest candy store I've ever seen. Three separate sections, all filled with sweets. Pralines, Ice Cream, Caramel Corn, Taffy, Gumballs. It was a little kids dream. 
Gelato in every flavor you could think of. I wanted some, but it was too cold. - Savannah Candy Kitchen
This was a licorice lover's heaven. I had peach, watermelon, grape & green apple. - Savannah Candy Kitchen

Like I said, Savannah had so many options for food. All more delicious than the other.
BBQ Chicken Flatbread - Sam Sneads Oak Bar & Grill
The most delicious crab chowder in the world. I want vats of this for my fridge.
I just thought this was the funniest name for a bar. "Let's all go to Wet Willie's!"

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.


  1. I'm going to have to maybe go there on Spring Break

  2. Glad you enjoyed Savannah,I live here and hate going downtown for some reason .


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