Jan 20, 2011

A Pretty Review: Jordana Cosmetics

I've been using Jordana Cosmetics ever since I first got into makeup. The best thing about their products is that they're more affordable than most quality makeup, but still work just as well. How they get their eyeshadows so pigmented and creamy for the price, I don't know. They have such a variety of shades with a bunch of M.A.C. Dupes.

The lip glosses work just like a classic lipgloss, but they smell so good. I think I prefer the fruity candy smell when it comes to glosses. I also got a liquid eyeliner pen, and it glides on intensely and smooth.I just discovered that they have a website too, and it has a wider variety than what they have in stores. The prices are just as low, too! Ending verdict: I recommend Jordana Cosmetics as an alternative to Wet & Wild, E.L.F. and other drugstore brands. 

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.


  1. could you post more mac dupes from jordana? thanks!
    xoxo andi
    PS- love the blog :)

  2. I'll try to get some more & do more dupes.


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