Jan 23, 2011

EFno & The Leather Tuxedo

I guess I'll start off traditionally, with what I wore. This Friday I went to Atlanta's Entertainment & Fashion Night Out. I was invited as press to cover the event, and I was pretty darn jazzed about it. I've always felt that Atlanta needed to sink it's teeth into the fashion world in a bigger way. 
Before I launch into specifics, I figured I'd just show you guys what I wore. I call it the leather tuxedo because, well, you can see that it's basically all leather...or leatheresque.

Black Leather Miniskirt
Black Leather Bomber Jacket
Off White Button Up Shirt
Rhinestone & Pearl Bib Necklace
Black Leather Booties

Now for a little more on the event itself. The full article on the event is here!
Meet Stevie Boi. You may not know him by name, but you definitely know his work. If you've ever noticed the out-of-this world shades worn by the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Mina, you've seen the genius of Stevie Boi. His glasses and other accessories aren't for the tame and genteel; they are for the wild and fearless. At this event, Stevie Boi had a soft launch of his upcoming line, Coexist, that will also be showing at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in February.  

I was so excited that he let me wear his glasses. I don't think I could pull these off though.  
Kandi from Real Housewives of Atlanta was also there to perform, so I expected to see some of the cast.  What I wasn't expecting was Dwight in a fur coat and a pimp hat. I, of course, ran over to talk to him, and got a rather lengthy interview. Mostly about the state of emergency that the Atlanta fashion scene is in. 

Kandi's performance was great. I didn't expect her to sound perfect because of how she sounds on the show sometimes, but she really did well. 
I had a great time, and since this is supposed to be a monthly event I'm hoping I can make it to the next one.

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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