Apr 11, 2011

Knowledge & Skin

Normally I have a waiting period before I wear new items so that they're new for as long as possible, but this time didn't exactly go that way. I wanted oxfords for so damn long that they got their first taste of gravel today.

And thank goodness for mid-80 degree weather. I can show my legs...my thick, pale blemished legs. The remnants of a clumsy youth of course. My legs will forever be splotchy thanks to mosquito bites. I refuse to not wear whatever mini I want though. 

Summer, get prepared for a generous helping of Audrey-leg. I'm already prepping myself with a new workout plan. Yes, I am one of those girls. I am a Summer-is-here-let's-get-right-and-tight girl. I'm also pretty happy with my Maymester classes. I'll be tackling some academia too. Knowledge and skin. Yep, that's my summer plan so far.

P.S. I want to get some knee high sock/ tights to wear with my oxfords. Know any places to get em? Let me know. Thanks!

F21 Leatherette Skirt |Old Navy White Top |Thrifted Colombian Crossbody |Vintage Halston Light Jacket|  Charming Charlie Silver Braided Necklace| Steve Madden Oxford Flats|

 Give Good Face
---Audrey W.


  1. OMG, love the outfit. And the shoes go perfect. Love em'

  2. aww thank you for stopping by chica :) you have a great blog xx


  3. So pretty much, your effin' adorable!
    Love your lipstick, the bag, and the Steve Madden oxfords. Which one are they?

    xo $ARMIN

  4. haha, I have the same plans for the summertime :D. lovely outfit :)!

  5. I love your outfit from head to toe!

  6. Cute outfit. Really liking the oxfords & the purse.

  7. I like your bag!! :)


  8. hummm I so want a leather skirt now >.<



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