Jul 19, 2011

Long Lost Lover

I'll admit it. There is nothing spectacular about this ensemble. When you have to wake up at 4 A.M. for a flight, comfort trumps looking like a spread out of Vogue.

The most exciting thing about this post, for me anyway, is not the outfit. It is that in all of these pictures I am in New York. Brooklyn to be exact. I feel like New York and I are old ex-lovers. See, when I left NY we were in the beginning stages of our relationship.

I had just began to find out about all the intricacies of the city. How to maneuver on my own: what train took you where, what time was the best time to get to certain places, how to avoid getting bamboozled on the streets by hobos and hustlers. I was on my way to becoming a no-nonsense New Yorker. Then, I moved to the south.

Whenever I come back I feel that pang of break-up guilt. Like New York has on a brand new dress and is yelling "look at me now! You shouldn't have left. I've moved on to bigger and better things."

Then I go through the stages of an old lover trying to weasel their way back in. 1. Excitement because I'm back 2. Disappointment because I feel like everything has changed and I'm not in the loop 3. Hope that maybe New York will make room for me in its new life.

Or maybe I'm just a wordy, nostalgic fool. Either way, I'm in New York baby!
Practicality is key to an airport outfit, especially since they make you practically strip down.
Thrifted Blazer from protection of the arctic airplane wind.
H&M Fedora to ward of frizz inducing humidity.
Navy Pants with spandex, to hug your curves without choking you.
Tank for the purpose of ventilation. Sandals for ease of removal.
Yes, they make you take of your shoes and go through.
Bare feet on ground. That can't be sanitary.

My lovely aunt. She totally copied my rad anti-frizz hat. 
Park Place, front of ground zero. What a tourist. Note the hair tuck under hat. RESIST humidity. Oh, hey pink bra.
View outside my room. It's not the Astoria, but I'll take what New York I get. 

Cheating on all of you with New York for now. xoxo
---Audrey W.


  1. OMG, so jealous your in NY City! I wish I there right now! Hit up the accessories shops by 34TH street, let me know what kind of rings they have. (If you need to know where the shops are, email me, cupcakesandcosmopolitans@gmail.com) & LOVE NY City, its home, always will be, however NYC + humidity + my hair = 1 hot mess. Grrr! Have fun on trip. Need to see more photos asap.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. yay new pics :) well OBVIOUSLY im jealous, mission accomplished haha im flying to france, then australia soon and as comfy outfit i will have to wear my heavy heels!!gonna be funny for people around me seeing me with high heels and suitcases (you always wish this kind of girl fall!) really cute outfit tho! xx


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