Jul 21, 2011

Hot As Heaven

 My first few days in New York, I've spent with my aunt. I'm staying with her, so I think it's only fair to show her some TLC. This means that I've been running errands and other little things with her around the city. One of our stops were at a church where she has a Summer health class. For an old lady, she sure does keep her self active.

Every time I call to check in on her she has a new story to tell me. Last month she played Sandy in a remake of Grease at her local Senior Center. I hope that when I become old I can be as lively as her. I don't intend on going out quietly.

On another note, I'm melting! New York! You're hotter than I remember. I would say it was hot as hell, but these pictures were taken on holy ground (parking lot outside of church. Why the graffiti covered truck then? Don't question it. That's just New York for ya' ).
H&M Jersey Skirt|Marshall's Favorite New Purse & Birkin Look-a-Like|Steve Madden Oxfords  |F21 Pin Striped Button Up | Assorted Jewelry (my almost neck party a la Man Repeller)|

The stained glass windows in the church were so pretty. Knowledge & Love y'all!
---Audrey W.


  1. You look great, I love that bag!
    and that glass is so pretty.

  2. I have that exact skirt! lol and i'm wearing it right now. Anywho LOVING the outfit <3

  3. very cool outfit! love every piece :D
    I would be drenched in lovely pit stains in that sweltering heat, you a frickin trooper! And your grams sounds like a fabulous woman!
    xoxo Diana

  4. I love those oxfords! I wish mine were that color.
    Pretty necklaces. I need to start wearing/layering necklaces.

    xo $ARMIN

  5. Liking the casual look. Especially the third picture. It's been hot as a mutha over here in the DC area, too. And yet, Fri and Sat is meant to be even WORSE. Oh dear.

  6. How do you look so stylish in this heat?!?!

  7. Oh my god, I love this shoes!
    And I love your blog too
    I follow you :)

  8. I love your bag!


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