Jul 3, 2013


Well, I think that pretty much explains it. I want one, and I'm sort of proud of myself for it. Wanting something so classic and clean makes me feel very grown up. I'm having a hard time finding just the right one (at just the right price *cough* American Apparel why are you asking me to pay $20 for this ), though. 

I've fantasized about the outfits I could wear with the heather-gray-shirt-of-my-dreams and this is the closest I could get to making them come to life. This should satiate my desire for one until I can make this happen on my body forreals. And I am determined to make this happen, forreals. 
This was the first look that started cooking up in my head, mostly because I already have all of these things in my closet (no top/no purse). The tulle skirt is clearly asking for a Carrie moment and who am I to say no? I like to think that because these shades of pink aren't so Barbie, it still maintains a cool vibe. 
Maybe it's the gold, or maybe it's the tortoise shell shades (double points for a cat-eye), but this outfit just makes me think "yes, yes dear. I AM that rich." Also, it's summer time and shorts have to be worn at some point in time, so why not a bright, punchy pair with this hypothetical outfit? 
So, if I had to describe my style "cool" or "badass" would not be words I'd use -- which is why I want to try this out. This is the wildcard! If I ever do manage to make this outfit happen, I want you to know that you won't be able to tell me nothin' (because I am cool and above the opinions of others, a la Angelina Jolie).

What's on your dream closet wishlist? And, hello, when are you going to make it happen girlfriend because whatever you're thinking of is gonna be awesome.

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