Sep 26, 2013


Ah, yes, fall is here. Leaves are turning, the temperature is slowly but surely dropping and we're all practically breathing pumpkin spice flavored air. These are all autumnal truths and feel very routine, except for that this year the pumpkin spiced air I'm breathing is in North Carolina and not Georgia. I'm living in a whole new state right now, you guys! 

My job has moved me to their newest location in the heart of Charlotte, N.C. and I'm still adjusting. I feel like I'm betraying my northern roots by having two southern cities under my belt, but so far I find Charlotte to be very charming.

Since I have no relations here (my man-friend helped me move, but he'll be gone soon so I'm sad), the highlight of my day is getting dressed and oh my god, that sounds horribly sad. You know, I'm not gonna think too deep on that one before I get all up in my feelings. Let's talk clothes!

This get up was me trying to welcome a crisp fall day, but as the case goes in the good ol' south it was still 80-something degrees. I didn't mind the undesirable temperature because I got a bunch of compliments, including some kind words from the gals at the Kate Spade store, and like, duh I live for compliments. LIVE FOR THEM. I'm a needy millennial. What can I say?

Some quick details: This skirt was $5 from Goodwill and it's amazing. It was a size too big, so I used the bow that was supposed to tied at the side as a belt. Now it looks like a much trendier paper bag skirt. So clever, right? Geniuuussss! 
 Marc by Marc Jacobs Purse Belk  Chambray Top|Fiore Boutique Polka Dot Tights| Anthropologie Linkbloom BraceletCathy Jean Booties | Gap via Goodwill Skirt

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