Sep 13, 2013


I'd love to say that I'm an innovatively crafty DIY-er, but I'm not. I don't spend hours thinking of the next great DIY project. I don't spend hours is Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I can't sew and I can't paint and I'm not jumping to learn how. But, by god, what I can do is throw glitter on things!

Evident by this project, I truly believe that glitter makes all things magical. I just so happened to have a few sheets of this magical paper left over from a crafty display project for my boutique's storefront. Instead of scrapping it (umm, who throws away glitter?!) I kept it and vowed to make some more magic with it. 

After a few weeks of doubting that I would actually do something with the paper, an idea finally came to me. What if I make pretty shapes out this paper? And then, what if I put it in a pretty frame?! Framed glitter art! I didn't come up with any clever names for it. Sorry. 

I will admit, I messed up on the first try. It was going to be some kind of abstract row of glitter lined up asymmetrically. Just know, it failed. After that disappointment I settled on what I knew: bows and words. And I'd like to think that what I ended with is pretty durn cute. 

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