Oct 16, 2013


You may not know this, but after the age of 19 I started hating jeans. Mostly because around 19, I discovered that once you regularly shaved your legs, dresses were amazing to wear. Oh, the freedom! And also because grown-up jeans that fit grown-up me cost grown-up money. And I would rather wear a plethora of $15 dresses than search the far corners of the world for $85 jeans.

But, luckily for kind-of-grown-up me, these were only $19 from Old Navy and they feel awesome, thanks to 1% spandex. I've never been a fan of the Laguna Beach casual feel of light wash denim or denim with *gasp* holes.  I mean, I am from New York, and we're nothing if not fancy. So, naturally, I fancied it up with faux fur, jewels and bright ass orange lipstick. A little casual luxe on a crisp fall day, dahhhhlliing.

Old Navy Jeans F21  Striped Sweater|Mom Faux Fur Vest| J. Crew NecklaceTarget Booties | Lipstick Milani Sweet Nectar

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