Jun 18, 2010

Behind The Photoshoot

(for a better view CLICK HERE)

Don't you love it? I do. Probably since I edited and starred in it, but it's still good stuff. Silliness aside, this is the "Cocaine Chic" look I mentioned yesterday. 
I styled her (that's my leather bomber), and I've got to say, that outfit was my favorite. I just really love the delicate effect of the loose chiffon top, combined with the harshness of the leather, the studded boots and the dark colors.

And of course, there's the face. I love a smokey eye. It's something every girl should know how to do, but the thing is it can go very wrong. Shading is key; never have a single block of black eyeshadow surrounding your eyes. Make the colors transition into each other, creating the smoke effect. For the rest of the face, keep it soft and neutral and let the eyes work their magic. 
Audrey W.
---Give Good Face

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