Aug 23, 2010

J'adore Dior

If you don't know by now (you should) I'm a big dork for anything make up related. Luckily, my friends know just how much I love this stuff that when one of them had an invite for an event, she turned to me.

Last week I went to a private Dior showcase as a plus one with one of my friends. The fact that this was make up made me happy, but that it was Dior sent me over the moon. It was a very cute event. Buffet catered by Mimi's Cafe, Black Dior Curtains, white silken table cloths, but I digress. None of this is what really mattered.

It was the make-up! We had a Dior Fashion Show make up artist from Canada showing us the ropes of behind stage make up. Not only were we getting free products, but we were learning how to use them. Although I knew most of the tips he was teaching us,  it was still exciting to be there and play with Dior makeup, a brand I'd never really looked into.
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---Audrey W.

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