Aug 25, 2010

Oral Fixation

A woman's maturation can be measured by her lip product of choice.

We start off with fruit flavored, fun smelling sparkly lip balms. Around middle school, we've matured to reflective glittery lip glosses.
When lipstick becomes the choice for a perfect pout, then the evolution is complete.

I have only recently started investing in my lipstick collection. I love it. The color oomph is what I like the most. A good lip color adds as much detail to your style as a good pair of shoes or earrings would.

These are some of my favorites from my growing collection.

NYX Hebe- A rich pearlescent deep red 
Every woman needs a good red lipstick (I have many), but this would be great on darker skintones since it's a deeper red, with brick undertones. 

NYX Chloe- 80's Shimmery Magenta-Pink
This color is perfect for nights out when you want to go back in time. 

This is a great fall color. It's rich and it's not very shimmery. It's a sophisticated color.

This color is perfect soft summer spring color. It's very moisturizing too. 

N.Y.C. Blossom - Hot Neon Shimmery Pink
This color. Where to start. Definitely a night out color. Or for a bright flirty daytime look. 

Classic J.Lo Nude Lipstick. Every make-up collection needs it. 

A simple soft baby pink. It's a great spring color. 

This color is everything I wanted in a pink color. It's bright and matte, but creamy. There's not a hint of glitter or shimmer. It's the best summer/spring feminine color I have. 

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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  1. God, everything's so lovely!!
    i want them all too(:


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