Aug 16, 2010

First Day Back

Back To School - Patterns Rule
After all of the waiting and planning, my sophomore year has started. I woke up excited, just as I do every first day of a new school year. After I did my morning routine, I headed for my closet.

Surprisingly, my outfit decision was a swift one. I didn't go all out today, since I only had one class to go to. The vest was my "wow factor" piece, but for the most part this was an outfit that anyone could put together. It's simple enough. Classic white V-neck, Navy Blue Pants and Brown leather basket weave peep-toe sandals.

The all over the place 80's-90's patterned vest is what makes it special, and the bag just brings out one of the colors in the vest. It kind of reminds me of Jacob's Coat Of Many Colors (biblical story). Audrey's Vest of Many Colors & Patterns. I like it!

Papaya-White V-Neck
Thrifted- Vest
Some Street Store in NY-Pants
Thrifted- Shoes

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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