Dec 3, 2010

All That Glitters

It's Toe-Tally Sumer by O.P.I. - A Bright Pink w/ Blue undertones
Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen - Pink, Blue, Red, Purple Glitter
I'm no pro when it comes to doing nails, as you can see. I'm not the most precise, but I do know good pairings when I see em'. So if I can't make it to the salon, I'll still attempt my own manicure.

GALITTER! So damn glittery. I'd have to say that my nails are pretty festive, and I'm rather giddy. Or at least the drag queen in me is.

 I used to think that glitter was just for little girls obsessed with pink and princesses, but I think I'm only now growing into my girlie side. 

The glitter is courtesy of  my friend at Bohemian Rose Rhapsody. Thanks Britt! I'll have to invest in my own  bottle soon.

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  1. You rocked it ..Glitter is a passion it hard !


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