Dec 1, 2010

R.I.P. Plaid?

Is plaid dead?

When plaid reawakened from the 90's grunge grave to be worn by indie hipsters, it was pretty groundbreaking. Everyone everywhere was buying and wearing the trend. I was one of them. I still have a few items in my closet, but lately, I've been hesitant to wear them. 

I do like the ease of my plaid button ups, and I like that it breaks up the monotony of solids, but has it been done to the point of death? I would say, yes. It has been done, a lot. But, I do like my plaid. So if I do pull my lumberjack button up out every once in a while, don't kill me. 

Oh, P.S. I normally do a side part, but I'm feeling this mid-part thing I did. I stopped doing it 7th grade because I thought side bangs hid my chubby face better. Good decision?
 Plaid Button Up
Old Navy
White V-Neck
Catholic Rosary (It's a real one!) 
Give Good Face ♥
---Audrey W.

Sweet! -  (Eyes) - Light Winged Black Eyeliner &
White Eyeliner on Waterline
Salty! (Lips) - Warm Red Lipstick, Blotted w/ tissue 

I know smaller side purses (♥ them!) have replaced big purses... 
But this was only $5! Weekender maybe?

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  1. as the queen of plaid i approve this post.. I'm still going to do my plaid digest as soon as I figure out the collage thing but I like the break down pics and I like your hair like that


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