Jan 30, 2011

One Size Fits All

 Thank heavens, we finally had a beautiful weekend in Georgia! After what felt like nothing but chills, it was sunny and warm. I wish I could've done an outfit post, but.....

My boyfriend and I went to the the Gainesville square, which embodies quaint southern charm. Nothing but little boutiques, cafes and other little shops. This is where I encountered Dress Up Boutique. I've always been wary of boutiques, only because they are typically expensive. I went in only because there was a sale sign.

It turns out it was filled with great unique stuff at amazing prices. It is the best boutique I've ever been to. I ended up getting two pairs of sweater leggings since my lightweight ones don't work in the winter.

The only size they had was one size fits all, and I'm often wary of that since I'm pretty curvy on the bottom. But for $6 each, what the heck. With a little wiggling they fit well enough so, Jackpot! I especially love that these are fitted around the ankle, like leggings should be. I've bought some that a too loose and look awful. So as a tip, leggings need to be fitted!

I fully intend on going back, especially since my staple store is becoming disappointing. I am officially over Forever 21 -- in store anyway.

I went this weekend and I was willing to spend at least $20, and all I spent was $3.50. Maybe my budgeting skill are becoming better. Or it could be that the messy organization and poor item coordination makes it hard to shop. They had nice things, but I wasn't in the mood to dig around. Online will do it for me from now on.

Also, I bought my own domain name, finally! I'm excited. I feel much more professional, and it'll be easy for all of you to visit my blog. Hooray! 

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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