Feb 28, 2011

What She Bought

This morning as I was throwing together a 5-minute outfit, I realized that there was nothing fresh in my closet. Not fresh as in just washed, but as in recently purchased with tags still attached and the scent of the store still lingering.
Not that I go on large movie-esque shopping sprees, but I remember when my mother would take me seasonal shopping and I'd come home with bags filled of goodies.
Now, I support myself and I've been doing my hardest to save money, and my closet is showing the outcome.

I decided to go through all the little one here, one there purchases I've made to make myself feel better.  Like I haven't abandoned the thrill of the right purchase. I still can shop, but I guess I'm just prioritizing. Rent+Bills > New Wedged Boots
P.S. What if I wore all of these items together. Imagine that? Wouldn't I look like a hobo. Hilarious.  
P.S.S. Everything here is under 10$. Run and tell that homeboy.

Give Good Face
---Audrey W.

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