Mar 10, 2011

Mixers & The City

I never thought I'd be having Carrie Bradshaw moments, but it seems like they keep coming my way. As  the Atlanta writer for Manik Magazine, I was invited to a fashion industry mixer that happened last night at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. 

As I was rummaging through my closet, trying to decide between pants or skirt, sweater or blazer, lace or leather (these really were all decisions I had to make), I started to imagine that I was suiting up for some flashy shinding where I'd be mingling with the movers and shakers of the budding Atlanta fashion scene. My imagination likes to run sometimes. I have to remind myself to rein it in so I don't seem like an overeager 12-year-old. A journalist must remain professional, and at the end of the day I think I know how to keep my composure.

Despite the daunting weather and the awful hair that resulted (a frizzy bun, boo rain), I was excited to go out and meet some like minded people in my neck of the woods. My best friend James came along and was a great wingman. It doesn't hurt to have someone in your corner when you're meeting new people.With our social skills combined, we mingled like champs.

While I didn't get into any Carrie like shenanigans, it was a fun taste of the Sex & the City lifestyle, especially when it came to the friends and the clothes. 

To see all of the pictures of the very colorful people in attendance as well as the story behind the event, check out my article for Manik Magazine. 

 F21 Leatherette Skirt | Max Rave Sateen Blazer | H&M Cowl Sweater |
F21 Nylon Tights | Steve Madden Blush Caryssa Platforms
Hey Best Friend/ Photographer James! - in H&M and my rosary ♥

Audrey W.
---Give Good Face

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  1. that is a mini! love've got great legs girl!


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