Mar 23, 2011

If I Weren't Me

I like to think that I know a thing or two about what's hip and cool. Despite my daily jeans & tee wear for classes, I do like, from time to time, to release the inner style tiger (I'm going to make that phrase happen. If Charlie Sheen can make tiger blood happen...) and be feisty.

And I gotta say, these leggings, they are all sorts of fun. This is what a 19-year old should be wearing! But the classically styled gal in me still thinks these are a bit risky to throw on for any old school day. This was my experiment with them.

I like how it came together. I feel like a funkier me, the me that would've been if I'd stayed in Brooklyn (note the doorknockers) throughout my teen years.

I still lean toward a more feminine style, so who knows when I'll wear this. But style is ever evolving so I might grow into it. Until then, these babies will just sit in my closet waiting...unless you all have any recommendations for how I can wear these? 

Old Navy White V-Neck T
| Mossimo via Thrift Lace Up Open Toe Booties|  
Thrifted 8o's Printed Leggings| F21 Shawl Cardigan| Mom's Closet Red Crossbody

This is the person I feel like with these on.
 Give Good Face
---Audrey W. 

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