Jul 24, 2011

Sunday Best

Finally, a day in the city. Not that I haven't been to the city while I've been here, I just haven't gone with anyone in my age group (my aunt isn't exactly my bestie). I went out to brunch with Felicia, a friend I met through working with Manik Magazine. She was really nice to take me out and I had a great time. Thanks Felicia!

I think it's best for me to just put this out there. This get-up isn't what I had on when I left the house. See, I figured that lightweight khaki pants would work for the coolest day in New York (since I've been here). It was supposed to rain, so I figured I was safe. I figured wrong. Before a few blocks, they were sticking to me in the most uncomfortable way.

I ran into Forever 21 in Union Square after we had brunch (at a sweet Mexican spot with a Sunday special of free flowing mimosas) and toured the Village. It's the best place for cheap staple items, so a pair of denim shorts weren't hard to find. It was the best I could to not pass out on the street. 

Earthbound Trading Co. Ikat Print Clutch|Marshall's Sheer Top|Urban Outfitters Printed Mary Janes|
|F21 Denim Shorts  | Assorted + Charming Charlie Jewelry +Necklace| Thrifted Metallic Corset

For my friends who like pictures of the city (Melena).
For my foodie & alchy friends.
RED VELVET, oh God yes.
Also, see that print clashing? I'd normally stay away, but Ikat + Hawaiian floral, I like!
---Audrey W.


  1. Love the look! Especially the accessories.

  2. That blue is amazing on you! It looks really comfy too. Nice outfit :)

  3. Just found your blog running around through blogger. I love yours! I love the tribal accessories and it looks so comfy! I love and adore the necklace!
    Just died a little...lol!
    Love the look! New follower!


  4. I love your blouse, the color and fit are perfect on you!

  5. You look stunning! Love that clutch and your necklace ♥

    p.s. please check out my giveaway!

  6. i would like to meet you, call me 706-567-0601

  7. You look amazing :) this outfit was made for you! x

  8. Just read the updates...love the pics!!!


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