Aug 18, 2011

With Great Power

Is it just me or is 20 a pivotal age? My first year out of "teenagedom" is seeming to require a lot of me. 

I have so many more responsibilities than I expected and I have to rise to the occasion. I'm current editor-in-chief of my school's paper, I'm working with Manik magazine for their relaunch, I have a new job and I'm going to (finally) get my drivers license, once I learn how to drive well enough. Not to mention the ordinary stressful school schedule. 

That was a lot of "I" issues, but I haven't been able to vent in a while. I'm trying to do everything while keeping my professional composure, but a girl can only hold her pokerface for so long. Alas, no one likes a whiner, so *ahem I got this! 

The other thing I got is this outfit. Smooth transition, eh? It's my practical-yet-cute-I'm-talking-business look for stomping around campus. Yay academia!
Thrifted Navy High-Waisted Shorts|F21 Loose Sheer Striped Top|Thrifed White Blazer|
|Shoeland Wedged Sandals  | F21 + Charming Charlie Jewelry | Aunt-Gifted Laptop Carry-All

Til' next time, whenever I find time,
---Audrey W.


  1. I love everything about this outfit. Give me your blazer, & shoes, seriously! Congrats on being editor-in-chief. I was editor-in-chief for my HS school newspaper, god that was forever ago. How was NY City?

    xo SARMIN

  2. LOVE this outfit! I never find cute blazers when I go thrifting! Guess I need to look harder cause I love yours! lol

  3. you look so chic and like a professional lady. Love this look!


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