Aug 21, 2011

Dumb Thoughts

 Why are there so many damn trees in Georgia? Maybe it's the New Yorker in me, but the more trees there are, the less civilization and the higher the chance for disappearances. 

My friend recently moved to Athens and she invited me for the first dinner in her snazzy apartment. The place is pretty sweet for the rent. The only thing that freaks me out is all the trees. I know a charm of the south is the landscape and hearing crickets at night, but animals and There were deer prancing around as I got into her neighborhood. No lie.

On a less arborous note, I present my new favorite piece: this skirt. Comfy as all hell and in my new favorite color. Royal blue is becoming the color that is catching my eye as of late. I used to think it was too clownish of a color, but I used to think a lot of dumb things. I still hold the thought that the correlation between trees and disappearances is a positive one, though. That's not dumb, that's just common sense.  
Mom Knit Sweater|Marshall's Knit Maxi Skirt|Charming Charlie Necklace|
|Shoeland Wedged Sandals  | Old Navy Purse
 And I leave you now with this accidental work of art that I caught. I call it: ****in' Trees Everywhere.
---Audrey W. 


  1. i love it..super cute

  2. I love your skirt.You look so great in it cause it shows of your skirt!Blue has been my favourite colour for a while now!


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