May 25, 2012


Serving up "sit-like-an-Indian" realness! Kindergarten was a great time, wasn't it? Aside from this iconic sitting pose, it was the peak or creativity for many. Crayola was my best friend, but luckily, with this neon resurgence, I can channel crayola creativity once more. 

You see, this is a pretty classic prep outfit that everyone has: a button up and navy shorts (high waist if you're nasty). What I have done, with a dose of my crayola creativity is add a lot of little color. Shoes, necklace and belt, all from Fiore Boutique (my job, also where this post was shot), make me feel a little less boring when wearing this. 

When all fails, Roy G. Biv your way through summer! Yes, I know neon is not a part of the rainbow, but it should be. Nature...get on that. 
H&M Oxford Shirt Thrifted Navy Shorts Fiore + Thrifted,Jewelry | 
Fiore Wanted Shoes patent loafers - Gyp


  1. Yes, neon should be a color in the rainbow! You look great in this, and I love that red lip on you. Welcome back to the bloggerverse.

  2. I looove this outfit!
    Nice shoes x

  3. Such a delightful outfit!The lip, necklace and

  4. love the post.

  5. Okay, I follow you, so how come I don't see your post on my dash? Weird!
    Your blog title fits your perfectly, your just gorgeous. I love the lipsticks you wear. I want those loafers.

    & team BB for life!...What kind of BB do you have? I downloaded a photo app, Photo Studio: Editor, they have a free version, & also a $4(?) one, its really good. Try using that, I love my BB cam now, well kinda, thanks to app.


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