Jun 22, 2012


Summer is usually a two-month period I like to reserve for changes that can only be made with an increase in time. Some of these self-imposed changes actually get put into effect and some of them sputter out miserably. To witness my sputterings & successes see below. 

Success #1: Jasmine (yes, from Aladdin) Hair *see above
The easiest change to accomplish and possibly the most superficial is the change to mah hur. What I refer to as the Princess Jasmine part has always made me look...awkward, but I have mastered it (with the help with extensions). It's just a fun, simple change that makes me look decidedly more "ethnic", as in what race is she again?

Success #2: Grown-Up Store Shopping
The second in my superficial attempts at summer changes is going to stores other than my staple mall haunts (F21and H&M). My boss preaches the J. Crew gospel so I decided to visit despite the non-college-student-budget-friendly prices. I was apprehensive but lucked onto this bracelet which is apparently a popular little gem. The result: A lingering "I'm too fancy for y'all" feeling. 

Failure #1: The Dog Days Are Over
You remember when I said I would die if I didn't get a dog? Well, I didn't die and I got a dog. Meet Lulu, my precious dog, or my former precious dog. No, I didn't kill a dog! Geesh. Long story short, I had her for a week and felt incredibly guilty that she stayed at home alone all day. She needed a whole family that would love & entertain her and I was only one pathetic person. I just didn't have the time so I found her a family to give her a whole load of love and then some. I still feel like a pathetic person, though.
Lesson time: Don't get a dog unless it's just as lazy as you are, and chances are it won't be. 

Success #3: I Too Can Read, As Well 
 I'm reading books and such y'all!  Nothing terribly scholastic, but all very entertaining. The only downer is that I've been trying to read them all at the same time, so I haven't completed any of them. Although, in my book, five half-read books count for something

 Success # 4/Failure #2: Drinking Is/Isn't Fun After You're 21
The minute I turned 21 I took full advantage of my cash & ID. Now just about every restaurant I go to I order a drink. I swear I'm not an alcoholic (although Karen Walker is my hero), but hot damn, it just feels right to order a pretty drink with dinner. Damn the media and their influence telling me that drinking makes me fancy! I think I need a drink, and you probably do too after all of this. 


  1. Your hair looks really nice., and I love that J.Crew bracelet. You've just reminded me that I really need to get back to my reading.


  2. Did you just turn 21? Happy belated!
    I remember last year, you got those Steve Madden oxfords that I wanted to get, but was waiting for the price to go down...& I missed out on those. Boo!

    Princess Jasmine, yes! You look stunning!!! More middle parts, & yay to extensions. I will be 80 & still be shopping at F21...My only grown up store is Express, does that count? & OMG, puppy! How cute! I am sorry you had to give it away. I am super lazy, so does that mean I would have to give away my puppy that I get, whenever that may be. I ready trashy teen books, now I am on the Fifty series, I need to start reading grow up books. Pretty drinks are just too pretty not to order...The one in the mason jar, what's that? I never gotten a drink in a mason jar, what gives?


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