Jun 28, 2012


Even on my day off from retail, I get thrown back into retail. I'm not complaining though, as today I was able to go to a thrift boutique in Atlanta I'd been wanting to go to for the longest. 

I'm so happy someone decided that wearing dead people's clothes was a trend, because it saves me money. It's also a greener alternative to buying new clothes that children in China get paid ¢15/hr. to make using the earth's limited materials. You see kids, thrifting makes you a good person and saves the environment. 

Although my initial plan was to stay home and watch Girls illegally, my gal-pal from Ohio told me she was leaving in three weeks and that we had to have some city action before she left. I obliged and to the city we went. 

At Sherane's Vintage Closet we were greeted by sweet shopgirls and my new best friend, a fiercely sequined mannequin. Here is where I was faced with the question of which red skirt would be the right red skirt? Today I realized I buy the same thing over and over again. I pick up things that are in the same family all while saying, "I want to try something different!" 
My new best friend was in good company, vintage Diane von Furstenberg & more sequins.
So, after a 20 minute debate of which red skirt would be the red skirt, I chose the one with the most color and accepted that I always get what I always get because I know it works. 

And then we had muhfreakin' cupcakes at Camicakes! In case you didn't know, the way to a woman's anything is through cupcakes. You want my social security number? Give me a red velvet cupcake and you've got a deal! 


  1. Your outfit just reminded me that I still need a hi-low skirt..."You see kids, thrifting makes you a good person and saves the environment." I love that, & I have yet to go to a thrift store, my bad. I feel the same way, I always the same thing (in the all the colors I can afford). I like both skirts, I myself can't wear red for some reason. (Swear I am not a Crip, is that even spelled right?) & um, if I come to Atl, can I stay with you? I swear I am going to meet my husband there...Do you watch the show Single Ladies? & 100% agree about the cupcakes, I got you on the red velvet when I come down to Atl.

  2. I love your outfits. Just bought me a black hi-low skirt. cant wait to start wearing it. thrift store shopping is fun to espically in a big city like Atlanta, New York, etc...u can find almost anything in them. great blog. alittlefashionfix.blogspot.com


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